With more than 10 years of experience in software development, Chris Giordano likes a good challenge. In fact, while others may worry about getting stumped, Chris knows there’s always a solution.

At Trilix, Chris works with clients on developing custom solutions that allow businesses to drive towards their desired outcomes. Prior to joining the team, he worked as a Senior Platform Developer at Atrion, a .NET developer at BT Global Services, and a Software Engineer at Health Dialog.

We stole a few minutes with Chris to chat about his love of problem solving, his thoughts on machine-based learning and where he would vacation over-and-over again.


When did you know you wanted to become a developer?

That’s kind of interesting because I have actually been developing since I was a child, but I never actually pursued it as a career until later. As a kid, I would play with my parent’s Commodore 64 which came with a book on how to write code. I found it fascinating that by writing the right code, I could make the computer do whatever I wanted it to do.

When I went to college, I wasn’t sure what subject matter I was going to pursue. Since I knew how to develop already, I didn’t focus on taking those courses. Instead, I focused on the administration and networking side of things. That was actually really helpful though because it made me more well-rounded.

After I got out of college I realized that I probably would have been better off focusing on development classes since I ended up becoming a developer!


What is the most exciting development project you have ever worked on and why?

The one that sticks out to me the most is a project I recently completed for a client that was looking to create a custom application so that information about its residential and commercial properties was more readily available. At my previous company, I did a lot of work in SharePoint but with this project I could build from the ground up and leverage different technologies. The team and I had the freedom to design however we wanted.

One of the things I love most about our work at Trilix is that we don’t restrict ourselves based on a specific technology. Instead, we allow ourselves to explore the possibilities first and then choose the technology that allows us to address the unique business challenge. Because of this, our minds can really stretch creatively.

What is your favorite technology challenge to solve? What would you like to do day-after-day?

I do like the challenge of being stumped and trying to solve a complex challenge for the first time. I like to figure out why things happened the way they did, even if it seems unimportant or unnecessary. And I think that’s because of my technical support background; I’ve always been really good at trouble-shooting.

My approach to problem solving is about breaking the challenge down into small parts and just starting to work on each piece individually. When I first started out professionally, everything used to seem a lot more complicated. Today I view everything as solvable and can’t wait to find the best solution.


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Describe one concept or trend happening in the development landscape today that you are excited to  learn more about.

There is a lot more machine learning going on and though I don’t yet know too much about the technical side with how all that works, I find it really interesting that we have gotten to a point where we can design machine learning applications that can function without human involvement. I am looking forward to learning more about that.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Video games, specifically flight simulators. In another life I probably would have been an airline pilot.


What is one thing not everyone would know about the team at Trilix?

Every Friday, at around 10 pm, one of our Senior Software Developers Travis Eland hosts a voice over IP server and we play co-op video games. Sometimes the group can be as large as 12 people!


Who is the best gamer on the team?

Travis is pretty good.


OK final question… where is your favorite place to vacation?

There are a few different options but I am going to go with Cape Cod, particularly Hyannis. If you haven’t been to Seafood Sam’s, check it out and get the shrimp.


Carrie Majewski photo