3 Process and System Stumbling Blocks Impeding Business Transformation

The hurdles standing in the way of innovation and organizational excellence

With today’s businesses increasingly grappling with oversaturated markets, a fierce competitive landscape and competing organizational priorities, it’s perhaps not all that surprising that priorities like “growth” and “transformation” routinely top the list of core focus areas for business line unit leaders.

But with organizational leaders committed to driving growth—and leveraging technology as a critical component to accelerate growth—why do so many companies still operate in environments replete with incomplete processes and broken systems? Trying to navigate issues like: siloed, disparate systems, death by spreadsheets, stifled application development, and organizational waste.

This white paper will explore:
  • Why business leaders seem to be in their own way
  • The chief process and system hurdles standing in the way of transformation
  • How to sidestep these obstacles to drive innovation into your organization

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