We don’t lead with technology; rather, we start by examining your unique business challenges and performing a current state analysis. We ask the hard questions like:

How much money are you leaving on the table with your existing investments?
What is the cost of the opportunity you are losing by not knowing about other innovations?
How is employee morale being impacted by manual, mundane processes?

We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing environment—employing Six Sigma best practices—interviewing relevant stakeholders and asking probing questions to really understand your business challenges. In fact, we assign three core members to your team, each offering a unique vantage point:

Your Business Analyst, or the strategist who approaches your challenges from the business perspective

Your UX Lead, or the designer who can present the user experience perspective

Your Technical Lead, or the developer who determines how to technically and functionally get to your desired future state

After we finish our analysis, we determine the business requirements to move your business forward. In other words, we remove technology from the conversation until we understand your challenges; only then do we apply technology to the equation.

To help you remain relevant and influential within your organization, we partner to stay aligned on your objectives, prioritizations and technology investments. We make sense of what is on both your wish list and must-have list and arrive at the perfect balance of requirements that allows us to design a solution in an intelligent matter that accounts for your user, business and budgetary needs.

With a strong partnership in place, we’re able to ensure that once the project is complete the next critical phase takes place—transformation. Where innovation most often fails is the adoption stage and without adoption, organizations do not reach transformation. We help you get the end user buy-in so that the investments you make in improving your business are fully realized. From pre-sales to adoption, we work in tandem to pinpoint the steps that need to be taken to help your business drive towards transformation.

There are multiple ways in which you can innovate, from investing in new technology to fixing a broken process to maximizing the use of existing technology. We help you recognize that there are multiple ways to solve a problem and show you possibilities that perhaps you weren’t even considering.

With the current state analysis and business requirements complete, and the partnership in place, we center on designing, building and deploying the right systems and processes to help you achieve your goals. We follow a Scrum framework, showing you progress every two weeks and allowing us to iterate as we go along based on your feedback.

As we logically architect a solution that keeps the end user at the center of the deployment, we move you closer to a place of being able to reposition your in-house talent. With us tackling the mundane, manual processes saddling down your team, your A-players are now available to get back to working on the tasks that drive the business forward.

We believe in the power of intersections—whether that’s the intersection of process with technology, developers with designers, art with science, etc. And we believe that innovation thrives where seemingly different components are woven together.

The Latin etymology of the word “Trilix” means “three interwoven threads.” With every client interaction, we consider the power of intertwining the three threads of our methodology: Identify, Partner and Innovate. We follow a prescriptive framework to each engagement, leading with business process and determining technology’s role in the equation. And with our three threads working in tandem, our clients are able to reach their full operating potential.

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