When was the last time you asked yourself…

What is the cost of continuing to do business the way you have always been doing it?

When did “good enough” become our excuse for everything?

What is the one system or process challenge keeping me up at night?

At Trilix, we help companies like yours implement the changes needed to ignite the spark of transformation. We offer differentiated services across the following areas:

Business Process & Workflow Analysis

In every challenge, there is an opportunity. We analyze how you do things today, and how you can improve upon them tomorrow. Your new process may be a complete re-design, or it may only include tweaks to eliminate unnecessary elements. We start from the beginning and analyze all the roles, steps, and obstacles to develop a new process that will work for you. Once we partner with you to define or tweak your process, we may recommend the evaluation of new tools/systems to help you work more efficiently.

Every company/organization has manual processes that, with a little analysis, can be automated. By just making even minor changes, your complicated processes become simpler leading to happier employees, happier customers and better ROI.

Our business process and workflow analysis approach walks you through the following:

  • Current state and opportunity analysis
  • Future state envisioning and business requirements analysis
  • Workflow mapping
Featured Solution

Analyzed Call Center Approval Process

Converted a manual process to a paperless process reducing cycle time from three days to a few hours.

Application Development

With desired business goals and outcomes in focus, we design and develop smart custom applications for desktop, tablet and/or mobile. Whether you’re looking to build for Android or iPhone, take a hybrid approach, or have us build a native app specifically for an OS, we serve as your creative incubators—presenting concepts that blend ease of use with cutting-edge functionality. We offer everything from commercial-off-the-shelf tool evaluation, deployment and customization, to ongoing application support. In every app, we cleverly design the user experience based on your users and their daily system needs to encourage high adoption.

Tap into our background in process, design, development, software and technology implementations to help you define a coherent and workable vision for accelerating your business through technology.

We offer the following services and solutions:

  • Development of applications tailored to a client’s unique needs
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf tool evaluation, deployment and customization
  • Ongoing support
  • Website development: public-facing websites and public-facing portals
  • Team development and structure advisement
  • Staff augmentation
  • Scrum implementation and training
  • Software development lifecycle
Featured Solution

Created Custom Application

Developed custom application for financial services company to mirror their workflow and increase employee efficiency.

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Systems Integration

Are you operating disparate systems? Do your systems contain conflicting, siloed data?

We take systems that don’t work together and connect the dots so that they work seamlessly. We help our clients harness the power of communication through systems integration to improve process and data flow. Integration means eliminating double data-entry and connecting siloed systems so that your investments are not underutilized. It also means creating new value in your system ecosystem by ensuring that the systems work together.

Featured Solution

Phone System and CRM Integration

Built integration for an insurance agency between its phone and CRM systems to automate key customer service workflows.

User Adoption

The hardest part of introducing any new process or system is making sure it is actually used. Once we understand your process, we develop user adoption and training sessions that are core to your process. It doesn’t make sense to simply train on the technology. Rather, we believe in training people in how new technology relates to their everyday tasks. That’s the only way to ensure they use it.

We can develop user adoption and training on any technology—from CRM systems to accounting systems to custom applications that we build.

Our user adoption services provide you with:

  • Training materials/online help development
  • User initial or re-training
Featured Solution

Training and Adoption Services

Executed process analysis and developed training for client with low usage of their CRM system, leading to 600% usage increase in first month.